OMG it’s me they are talking about

There have been a spate of posts on Fertility Friends ( recently about the awfulness of having mothers in law visiting for endless hours in the first few days after a baby has been born.  I found myself thinking that it would have been nice to have had some help following our own children’s births and I would have valued a bit more visiting.  Then I thought, OMG that could be me.  I could be the overbearing m-in-l, swooping in to cluck over the baby and ignoring my son and beautiful daughter-in-laws need for quiet and private time to be with their new daughter.

Of course the baby isn’t born yet so there is plenty of time to plan how NOT to be the mother in law from hell (hope I can manage it).  Our first grandchild is due in the middle of August and is much longed for.  Ironically Peter had male factor problems and this baby is the result of a frozen embryo transfer following several IVF/ICSI attempts, one resulting in a heartbreaking miscarriage last summer.  No donor needed and a strange reminder that it is possible that ICSI might have worked for us had it been available thirty years ago.  So unthinkable that we would not now have the wonderful son and daughter we have if that technology had been around….


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