Music and AnonymousUS

It was a great pleasure to meet today Alana Stewart from California whose website AnonymousUS  encourages all stakeholders involved in donor conception to post their story anonymously, thereby avoiding unwelcome media attention or personal attacks from those who wish to rubbish a particular perspective.  The stories currently on the site are diverse, ranging from a mental health professional who would like to see much better understanding of the needs of donor conceived children by recipient couples,  to offspring who believe that the focus of the fertility world should shift to research into and cures for infertility rather than making babies by almost any means to meet the needs and demands of adults.  Alana would like to see more posts by professionals involved in the fertility world and by social fathers. Anyone from any country is welcome to submit a story.

Alana’s own history as a donor conceived person is complex and, like us all, inevitably influences her outlook, but this initiative by a very thoughtful young woman should be welcomed even if it is not always comfortable reading for parents of donor conceived children or those thinking of this route to parenthood.

Towards the end of my chat with Alana, our daughter ‘Zannah came home and the two young women, born in different countries within one month of each other, were able to talk together for a while, not just about DC matters but also Alana’s music, the gigs she is playing in the UK and the recordings she is making.   They found they had a lot in common and ‘Zannah is going to hear Alana play at Kings Cross Station (!) later this week. Only good can come from these connections.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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