Love and support in the park

Just returned from a lovely event.  The N/NW London group of DCN hold an annual picnic in a local park and this year we had around forty adults sitting around on the grass chatting and eating and goodness knows how many children rushing about playing football and hide and seek.  This really is the essence of DCN. Families of all types and at all stages getting together informally to chat about our lives and our children or exchange information about treatment and clinics.  Those at the beginning stage gain enormous hope of the family life they long for by seeing so many ‘normal’ children running around (no, they don’t have ‘donor conceived’ stamped on their foreheads).  Those with children enjoy being part of the Network ‘family’, giving their children the opportunity to get to know others made in the same way and using the event as a good ‘hook’ on which to hang conversations both before and afterwards, about being a DC family.  So much love, warmth and support in that park today.

And not just in N. London.  Groups have been meeting in a similar way in Bristol and the W. Midlands today and a number of families who are planning or have already have children with the help of a family member as donor, met up in one of London’s open spaces on Saturday.

For Walter and me it is moving and enormously heartwarming to see how this little organisation we helped start eighteen years ago has changed and blossomed.  People thank us for the help we have given them over the years.  I honestly feel we should be thanking them for making our lives richer in every way.  It’s a privilege.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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