What Makes a Parent…help for Zannah please

I went to see ‘Zannah in her new flat today.  She was cooking spaghetti bolognese at 3.45pm (as you do) and we talked about her birthday on Wednesday and what she is going to do for her long dissertation in her third year of Anthropology.  She remains very interested in topics as diverse as what constitutes a right of passage for young men in a modern world and belief systems around illness/wellness but has finally decided that these areas, particularly the second one, are too big for a first degree.  The final decision is to stay with a subject she both has personal experience of and knows will be of interest anthropologically – donor conception.  Her focus will be on What Makes a Parent and she hopes to talk to as large a number of parents of donor conceived children and adults who are donor conceived as she can.  If you think you can help her at all she would love to hear from you via email susannahmerricks@googlemail.com

Meanwhile, with a view to her future and the possibility of getting on the Visual Anthropology MA at Goldsmiths next year, she is investing some of the money she inherited earlier this year on a new computer and Final Cut software so that she can start editing film, using the skills she acquired on the course she went on in June.  Good to get the old grey cells working again.

All’s well at Emily’s midwife appointment today but no insights into when the baby will arrive…in her own good time is all we can count on.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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