The miracle of life…we are grandparents

Well it’s been an amazing 24 hours.  I’m exhausted and I’m just one of the grandmothers of a wonderful little girl who came into the world at 3.03pm yesterday weighing 7lb 3oz.  Mum and dad are over the moon – I didn’t think Peter was ever going to stop grinning last night.  Emily has hardly had any sleep for the last two nights – in labour for the first and trying to get the baby to feed last night but is so entranced with their daughter that she is keeping going on a heady cocktail of adrenaline and delight.

As Walter, Zannah and I were driving down to the hospital last night to see the new family we were speculating about what it is that makes the arrival of a baby such a very special occasion.  We came to the not very profound thought that it must be the hope that every new life brings, the possibility that the world might be a better place because of this new person or that people will be inspired to make it a better place for her and others.  She is also a real little miracle of modern medicine and technology.  Another triumph of assisted conception and the skill of an embryologist at one of the UK’s leading clinics.  As Peter said, as he was holding her close and studying her face this morning, how amazing it is that they had a picture of her as an eight cell embryo and scans from throughout the pregnancy and now here she is, a fully formed tiny human being with most of her cell development complete and ready to suck, sneeze and make relationships.

As one of the founders of DCN I can be pretty sceptical sometimes about fertility doctors.  I’m not fond of them as a breed, but there are exceptions and the one who helped our son and his wife to make the family they have longed for, will always have a very special place in all our hearts.  Thank you, doesn’t seem quite enough but there it is, Thank You so very much for helping to bring such joy.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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