Donor Mum: The Children I Have Never met

Just a reminder that the documentary Donor Mum: The Children I Have Never Met is on BBC1 at 10.35 tomorrow (Tuesday) night…and it’s important to watch it then rather than rely on iPlayer so that you can log on to UK Donor Links website straight afterwards to show support for their campaign to keep the register open.

I understand that there will also be an item on egg donation on the One Show at 7pm that evening, but don’t have any further details about this.

The documentary tells the story of an egg donor who became a single mum by choice through a UK clinic in the autumn of 1990.  Delighted by her own experience, she decided to donate eggs and did so via a Harley St clinic the following year.  The documentary explains the very unusual circumstances in which she came to know the identity of the twins that resulted from her donation from their early years.  When the twins reached age 18, she decided to approach the family to make herself available to them should they want any more information from her or to have contact.  UK DonorLink helped with this – a most unusual request in their experience to date but one with very important messages.  The documentary charts their contact and brings us up to date.  It’s a very positive story and one that presents sensitively and respectfully the complex emotions that can surround donor conception and its aftermath.
 It is heartbreaking that at a time when UKDL and the opportunities it presents is receiving mainstream media coverage that the organisation cannot respond from the security of a permanent service.
Staff at UKDL are grateful for the massive levels of support that they have received both nationally and internationally, but if you haven’t contacted Anne Milton the Public Health Minister yet then it is not too late to do so.  This is a link to the letter that Walter and I sent and includes the full address.  Do feel free to use any or all of the points we have made.


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