Mixed feelings about The Fertility Show

We have just been informed that booking for the Fertility Show at London’s Olympia on November 4th/5th is now open http://www.fertilityshow.co.uk

This extraordinary showcase of fertility clinics from the UK and overseas plus nutritionists, astronomers, support groups, sperm banks and the uncle Tom Cobley and all of the fertility world is now in its third year.  DC Network was approached to exhibit at the first one and we all had severe doubts as to whether we wanted to associate ourselves with such a fandango, and particularly one that included foreign clinics peddling their wares.  However, it is backed by our good friends Infertility Network UK and Jonathan Scott who runs the show for them is a good guy (and a great salesman).  He  seemed genuinely keen to include DCN, partly because someone in his family has a child by egg donation and he was aware of all the issues around ‘telling’.  He asked me to speak on this topic as one of the many seminars they put on in spaces around the exhibition and I have done this for the past two years and will be doing so again in November, this time in the company of a donor conceived person.

Working for a small charity and having never worked outside of the non-for-profit sector, I find distasteful and sometimes downright offensive the glitzy showiness of some of the clinic stands and their overt sales chat to their ‘customers’, ie. couples and individuals struggling to conceive a child.  We definitely have mixed feelings about being associated with such commercial excess but feel we cannot miss out on an opportunity to spread the word about the importance of openness in donor conception and are happy for our tiny, modest stand to be treated by attendees as a haven from the glossy pitches and literature  all around and a source of unbiased help and advice.

Away from the stands, the seminars, which can be booked for just a £1 per person, are an amazing way to get to hear some of the leading practitioners of fertility medicine plus those promoting complementary techniques and most importantly support organisations and those with personal experience of the fertility rollercoaster.

You will find DCN’s stand at the back of the hall immediately opposite the main doors.  Do come and say hello.  You will be sure of a friendly welcome.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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