Filming and family

Well, Zannah has been round this afternoon to start filming our contribution to the on-line conference being held by the Polish fertility group in October.  I feel quite comfortable appearing in front of a camera but found that my usual articulacy under these conditions hard to achieve because I was trying to use language that was easy to understand or translate and put over concepts and ideas in a simple way!  Nothing like trying to be clear for getting tongue-tied.  Zannah’s editing skills will be tested to the full, but I was impressed with the professional way she approached the task and the ideas she had for both content and setting.  She’ll be back tomorrow to film her dad and also herself but she needed to catch me today as I will be on Grannie duty then.

Zannah is also involved at the moment in making a film about the experiences of a number of young people with serious mental illnesses.  Both projects are important to her because of personal interest but will also be good additions on her CV.   As I have written about before, she is currently doing research for the long dissertation for her Anthropology degree.  The subject is the nature and meaning of parenting and families  with particular regard to donor conception.  Her plea via DC Network and the Canadian Infertility Network for parents and donor conceived people to contact her, has resulted in her being inundated with responses.  Many of her respondents are interested in her and her views about the ethics of donor conception per se, and she is having to find a way of trying to keep them on her topic rather than get distracted by the different one they are interested in.  She is enormously grateful, however, to everyone for getting back to her and will do her best to answer their questions.

In the middle of filming came the ‘phone call we had been waiting for all afternoon. William and his girlfriend, currently living with us, have been looking for a flat to buy for some months.  There is very little property of the type they want on the market at the moment and they had been pipped at the post several times.  This time, in a nail biting sealed bids stand-off, they won!   Hurrah.


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