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A time for men to speak up

Spending time in the office today waiting for the software for (yet another) new printer to install I picked up The Gift of a Child by Robert and Elizabeth Snowden.  This was probably the first book ever written for the … Continue reading

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The writing process…and how some gay families are showing us a new way to parent

It’s been a long time coming but I have now reached a stage with writing the new DCN booklet on mixed families where I am obsessed with it and won’t be able to leave it alone until it is complete. … Continue reading

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PROGAR and the future of the HFEA

I’ve been at a PROGAR (Project Group of Assisted Reproduction) meeting for most of today.  This is a group that emerged out of the British Association for Social Work in the mid-eighties as being interested in the welfare of children … Continue reading

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Printers, unregulated donors and last words on HFEA decision

A deeply frustrating day involving two non-working printers and hours spent on the Epson chat line and then with Amazon customer services.  Actually, both support systems eventually worked well and we have yet another printer winging it’s way to us, … Continue reading

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Doing my bit for research

I’ve been doing my bit for the research community today.  This morning it was questions about going abroad for fertility treatment from an independent researcher working to a Department of Health brief to find out the soft and hard economics … Continue reading

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Family ramblings

All change in pace from the madness of last week, and a little mention for Milo (our Siamese cross, or cross Siamese, cat for those who have not read the description of my family).  Cats are supposed to be hugely … Continue reading

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Money..the type we need and the sort we can do without

Just spent most of this week, when not being strung out by HFEA’s illogical and inconsistent decision yesterday, wrestling with an application to the Department of Health for money to run  trainings for the many volunteers involved in supporting others … Continue reading

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