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All change in pace from the madness of last week, and a little mention for Milo (our Siamese cross, or cross Siamese, cat for those who have not read the description of my family).  Cats are supposed to be hugely self-sufficient, disdainful of humans unless they require something of them (like food).  Milo is different.  Some would say he is a little disturbed, others that he betrays the feline kingdom in his demands for attention.  He drives me mad but on the other hand it is very touching to have a furry creature who so desperately wishes to spend breakfast time on your lap that he is willing to endure milky spills and toast crumbs all down his back.  It’s not very dignified or masculine (well, he has had the operation) but having an animal seek you out just because he wants a cuddle is rather endearing, even if the plea comes in the form of non-stop, ear-splitting yowling until he is picked up.  As well as being noisy and demanding, Milo is an elegant cat.  He looks beautiful and has soulful, slightly crossed, bright blue eyes.  I always think he looks odd crouching on the floor eating food out of pouches more suitable for astronauts than this proud and slightly haughty creature.  In fact a silver knife and fork would probably suit him better…but I’m anthropomorphising now!

Spent Friday afternoon with our gorgeous grand-daughter who is edible in her deliciousness.  I was already in love with her, but when she smiled directly at me soon after I arrived I understood the slavery of grand-parenthood properly for the first time.  And having spent many years resisting belonging to Facebook, I now know what it is for for.  Almost daily pictures of this wonderful baby feed my addiction for her.

Went on Saturday morning with Will and his girlfriend to see their new flat.  It’s great, despite the two bedrooms being hardly bigger than cupboards,  but location, location, location…if they want to be in a fashionable area of North London, they have to pay the price for doing so.  At least the living room is really spacious…all the better to show off that 50in TV.  Really!   We will miss them when they move.  It has been fun having them living in the house and Walt, Milo and I will rattle round again.  Maybe it’s time we moved too.


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