News of the film for Poland

Zannah came over yesterday to show Walter and me the short film she had edited together for the fertility organisation in Poland who are eager to encourage parents to be open with their children.  It features Walter talking about how he felt on finding he was infertile and how we made the decision that we wanted to be parents in order to pass on values, even if he couldn’t pass on genes; and then how easy it had been to make the decision to be honest with the children because it was clearly important information that belonged to them and he wasn’t ashamed of being infertile anyway.  ‘Zannah speaks about how proud she is of Walter for being a real man and facing up to his fertility problems and what a brilliant dad he is to her.  I add my bit about the importance of grieving first for the child you cannot have between you before moving on to donor conception and then something about what DC Network can offer.   The film is the first piece of filming and editing Zan has ever tried.  She has excellent tight close up shots of all three of us, no camera wobble and perfect sound.  The editing is slightly jumpy in a couple of places, but it doesn’t matter as it’s a great ad for openness and that’s what the Poles wanted.  They are delighted with it and when translation is complete will put it up on their website.   We will put it on DC Network’s new website when it goes up in the New Year.  Well done Zan.

Zannah stayed to chat for a while and talked about the dissertation she is writing for her final Anthropology degree year.  It is basically around issues of identity for donor conceived people.  She has been in touch with many DC adults representing a wide range of perspectives as well as doing a literature search and we much look forward to seeing the chapter drafts as they roll off.   I will certainly be advising her to be open about her own position, unlike some others who have written on this topic.


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