Technology..and an angel’s answer to world decline

I’m not good with technology and nor is Walter…and I think it’s rumbled us.  We’ve had no end of problems over the last few weeks and it’s not over yet.  My beloved iMac started freezing, went to the local Mac specialist for software service and additional RAM and has come back with a noisy fan, whirring irritatingly as I type and threatening to give up any moment.  As the Mac man says, not a good time of year to be sending for spare parts so looks as if I’ve got to tolerate the noise until New Year or it decides to give up altogether.  In which case it’s the big switch-off!

Walter had to get a new Blackberry because his previous one went with a job that the government kindly ended earlier in the year.  He has spent approximately 14 hours now in the 02 shop in Camden Town whilst a ‘guru’ tries to sync the new ‘phone with his laptop.  Turns out that the new Blackberry was actually a defective device so has been replaced but the essential matching up of information between the ‘phone and laptop has still to happen.  Meanwhile Walter has been driven to a level of frustration that is rare in a usually calm and rational man.  I’m sure it is because he feels out of control around things electronic and can’t bear that feeling.  When the TV got stuck on BBC3 it was too much for him.  He left me to go through the tortuous process of contacting Virgin, being subject to their interminable messages and hideous ‘waiting music’, before being taken through the process of reprogramming their horrid little box.  No more BBC3 thank goodness!

Meantime I left my lovely old Nokia ‘phone on the train going down to see our grand-daughter about ten days ago.  It didn’t worry me too much.  I’m not umbilically attached to a ‘phone like my kids are and it felt kind of freeing to be uncontactable in the car and out shopping.  That is until last night.  A flat tyre in Crouch End left me not just without a ‘phone but also without numbers to ring to get help (because of course I don’t remember them because they are programmed into my ‘phone).  Lucky that a friendly receptionist in the nearby Hornsey Community Hospital took pity on me and allowed me to use the hospital ‘phone to call the one number I could remember, Zannah’s mobile.  She of course did not pick up as she didn’t recognise the caller but she did listen to my message and call Walter on his new Blackberry.  My white knight came to collect me…not on a shining steed but in Will’s old Golf.   Oddly earlier in the day I had been having tea with ‘Zannah and meeting her new kitten Tony and she had been explaining how to use her iPhone.  Guess where I’m going this morning.

Whilst being without a ‘phone felt temporarily liberating, being without my iMac felt like having a limb cut off.  I am so reliant on it.  Please keep going until I can get you a new fan in the New Year!

Which brings me to a wonderful joke told to me by email (so I know it works in print) by one of the DCN Trustees who said it had been told to him by a professor of climate science.

God and the Archangel Gabriel are looking down at the earth and scratching their heads over the state it is in.  Gabriel turns to God and says, “Have you tried switching it off and then switching it on again”.    If only it was ever that simple!


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