Assertive egg donor recipients needed in Spain

Further news from my contact in Spain.  Apparently it is fine to give any non-identifying information to recipients of donated eggs or sperm, although she tells me that most people coming to her clinic just want to know that the donor is healthy and a good physical match has been made.

So if you or anyone you know is going to Spain for egg donation and they want to have more control over choosing a donor and to have significant information to help them with this, they need to make their needs known.  Don’t take no for an answer and particularly make sure that any claim that it is against the law in Spain to give more information, is challenged.  Nothing will change until paying customers demand it.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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2 Responses to Assertive egg donor recipients needed in Spain

  1. emma feilding says:

    My wonderful daughter was conceived using donor egg in a spanish hospital after realising doing the treatment inthe uk would have meant waiting til the age of 47. At the time we wanted to retain some sense of the miraculousness of conception and were quite happy with the small amount of information offered. Now of course as she gets older I’m keen that she will have the opportunity to find out as much about her genetic roots as possible and even meet the donor at a later date. I have written to the hospital asking that they get in touch with the donor and ask their permission in contacting us. At the moment they keep insisting it is against their law. Do you think it is worth continuing to write?

  2. oliviasview says:

    Hi Emma
    Definitely worth continuing to badger your clinic about this. Have a look at this link which gives the wording of the Spanish Act
    Also have a look at the web site for Hospital Quiron in Barcelona. They are very open about the amount of donor information they will give. It is virtually the same to that available in the UK. You can point this out to your clinic.
    Best of luck.

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