Whither the HFEA consultation

Well it looks like the Department of Health has a two or three week window in which to get out their consultation on where the functions of the HFEA are to be dispersed to (or not).  This is if they are to allow a full three months for responses and then time for the government to respond before the summer recess.  Apparently the consultation itself has been ready for some time but it seems to be ‘stuck’ as my informant describes it, somewhere in the ‘checking’ process between the Cabinet Office, No.10, and the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.  And of course we need to take into account what is going on at the CQC as well (see https://oliviasview.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/when-the-regulators-need-regulating/  )

And who knew that the Public Bodies Act includes provision for transfer of functions from the HFEA but not its abolition.  Further primary legislation needed to change this.

It would all be such fun if it weren’t so serious.


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