From sunshine to frustration

Chained to my computer once again following a fantastic week away in La Gomera.  Really recommend this little gem of an island.  Returned to the frustration of not being able to say much about some of the things that are preoccupying me at the moment.  Our bid to the Department of Health for money to improve training for volunteers within the Network has been turned down.  Not unduly surprised about this one as we attempted to squeeze ourselves into a Big Society category that didn’t fit very well in the first place, but you have to have a go at these things.  We have learned that the Nuffield Foundation will fund some of the strands in our bid but we have yet to find out which one or ones.  Hope to learn more later in the week but as we want to tell members at our national meeting first I have been told very firmly that I must not blog about it!  Thank you in advance anyway Nuffield for what you have been able to support.

Meeting with people at Nuffield Council for Bio-Ethics on Wednesday so no further comment for the moment on being left off their committee on Donor Conception and Information.

Still no word about the future of UK DonorLink.  Their bid for funding should have been known about by the end of last week but their ‘phone was unanswered today and there is nothing on their website.  Again, hoping for news later on in the week with fingers tightly crossed.

In the meantime DCN members and other are clamouring for places at our national meeting this Saturday 17th March.  Our manager Nina is under siege from those who are requesting, variously sweetly or pushily, to get to the top of our waiting list for last minute places. Clearly the Nature, Nurture: What Do We Really Know topic has touched a nerve.  I am sure Marcus Pembrey will do us proud but the expectations of what he may be able to say to (reassure) parents are almost certainly too high to be fulfilled…completely anyway.

So…with so many things I can’t write about I think I’ll just have to go and do an on-line grocery order for loads of biscuits and fruit for the meeting and then make some of Mamas special spaghetti bolognese for our lovely daughter who is coming to dinner tonight.  So proud of how hard she is working towards her dissertation and other uni assignments.  Such a special young woman.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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