Oh dear, The Archers get it wrong again

I have just listened to the omnibus version of The Archers (yes, sad I know) and it seems that Mike’s rather brash Brummie second wife Vicky is pregnant at 47.  Whilst all pregnancies should definitely be welcomed this news does nothing to counter what is a truth for most women, that conceiving a baby with your own eggs in the second half of your forties…particularly if it is a first pregnancy as it is for Vicky, enters the realms of the miraculous.  Now Vicky has definitely not used egg donation to help her conceive so I think the writers and editors of this long-running radio soap opera have not been very well advised here.  It is of course possible that she will have a miscarriage as it is early days yet.  This sad event may then be used to demonstrate how unlikely it is that such a late pregnancy would be carried to term because of the chromosomal imperfections present in most of the eggs remaining in the ovaries of a woman of this age.  The Archers has long record of inserting public information into it’s story-lines and this could be one of them, but I suspect it is more about sexing up a script that has of recent times become tedious and boring.  I just wish they hadn’t chosen this as one of the ways to do it (Phoebe’s return from S.Africa, Brian’s betrayal of Adam and the on-going horrible Horobin saga are others).  See my post Celebrities and Egg donation for previous thoughts on similar issues.  https://oliviasview.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=705&action=edit


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  1. Kriss Fearon says:

    It gives really unrealistic expectations even to people who should know better *and* it means older women aren’t let off the nagging about having kids once they reach 40. Downright cruel.

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