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The HFEA must stay

This weekend is the deadline for submissions to the Department of Health about the future of the functions of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).  This sounds dull and dry, far removed from the concerns of infertile couples and … Continue reading

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The ethics of mitochondrial replacement – relevant, not boring or scary honestly!

Not all of my Tuesday evenings are as stimulating as last nights was.  The Progress Educational Trust’s debate entitled Freeing us from our Cells: Avoiding Mitochondrial Disease proved a cracker, with mostly excellent short presentations from a star studded cast … Continue reading

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Sperm donation and inherited disorders…including update

It seems that a sperm donor recruited by Nordisk Cryobank in Denmark has passed on the condition Neurofibromatosis Type 1 to at least nine (some reports say five) of the 43 children his donations have been responsible for.  His sperm … Continue reading

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Mitochondrial DNA replacement…something to worry about?

The HFEA’s latest consultation on replacement of mitochondrial DNA in either the eggs or embryos of women affected by mitochondrial disease was launched today.  You have probably caught something about it on the news.  I heard Lisa Jardine, Chair of … Continue reading

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Donor conception the Irish way…and yet another comment on known donation

Back in the saddle following nearly two weeks in France and good to get my head back into the donor conception world with our visit to Dublin to talk with counsellors in the newly formed Irish Fertility Counsellors Association.  It … Continue reading

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