It’s Fertility Show time again

This time next week the Fertility Show will be all over again for another year.  DC Network has very mixed feelings about having a stand at such a commercial event but Jonathan who runs it is a lovely man and seems to understand how important it is that little charities like DCN not only have space to show what we can offer potential parents – and gives us a reduced rate to do this – but encourages seminar slots as well.  In my role as one of the founders of the Network and parent to two donor conceived adults I will be talking about the importance of openness.  Sadly Zannah won’t be able to share the platform with me this year as she is in New York, currently preparing to keep her head down whilst the Frankenstorm passes through the city.  I was, however, able to encourage Jonathan to provide a separate slot for a single woman and lesbian mother to address in appropriate depth the different issues that arise for these families when it comes to sharing information.

DCN have been quietly doing some very exciting updating and re-vamping recently.  Firstly, there is a the new website, now live at the old address   There is loads more information on a site that is much easier to navigate; workshops can now be booked on-line, either as a member with a discount, or by anyone at full price and there is a Members Only section where meetings are advertised, the borrowing library can be accessed and the Forum will be available again very soon.  Many more features still to come.   The members Journal is also getting a completely new look, turning it into more of a magazine format with colour, interviews and news, but leaving the meaty content so loved by readers, intact.  The third innovation is the introduction of two new posters, largely intended for display at clinics and events and to be seen for the first time at the Fertility Show.  These posters feature real donor conception parents and their children with the wording Not My Sperm(Egg), Absolutely My Son(Daughter).  They are powerful and a wonderful affirmation of donor conception parenthood.  We hope that they will help give confidence to would-be parents that creating a family with the help of a donor is just one of the many ways that modern families come into being and that openness with children and others results in better relationships all round.

DC Network will be on Stand 46 at the Fertility Show on 3rd and 4th November at Olympia in London so do come and see us.  I won’t be there all the time but there will be plenty of friendly faces to talk to you about the issues, the options and probably most important of all, the feelings.  See you there.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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