The HFEA lives on

Excellent news from the Department of Health this morning regarding the future of the HFEA –

Taking all views into consideration, the Department has decided, on balance, not to pursue a transfer of functions to the Care Quality Commission and the Health Research Authority at this time.  However, the Department remains committed to achieving further efficiencies in the way the HFEA and the HTA operate and, taking account of a clear message in the consultation responses, will initiate an independent review of the way both bodies carry out their functions.   This review, which will start immediately and report to Ministers in April, will seriously consider the feasibility of a merger of the HFEA and the HTA.

The Government response, stakeholder responses, Terms of Reference for the review and related documents can be found at the link below:


The review will take into account comments made in response to the consultation so you do not need to take any further action unless you wish to make any points in the light of the review. If so, please write to

As I have said before, the HFEA is not a perfect body and DC Network may well choose to contribute to the review referred to above, but it should be a matter of enormous relief for all parties to donor conception that the Register will stay in experienced hands.


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  1. Kriss Fearon says:


    It has amused me though, that however much we all complain about the HFEA, there was widespread dismay about this proposal. It’s probably the first time the HFEA has had such public support from its stakeholders 🙂

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