New talking with family and friends booklets now available

Had a brilliant evening at the Nuffield Foundation’s elegant headquarters in London last night launching the new booklets about talking with friends and family and celebrating DC Network’s 20th anniversary.  Very sadly Dame Suzi Leather was unable to be with us because of serious illness in her family but Marilyn Crawshaw stepped into the breach and because of her close involvement with the Network was able to give a knowledgable account of the role and place of the organisation on both the national and international stages.  We were delighted to have present Melanie Johnson the Labour Health Minister who took the courageous decision to end anonymity for donors.  It was interesting to hear from her that this was indeed a decision that was completely down to her and that she looks back on it as one of the highlights of her political career.  Other important guests were Angela and Andy Mays and Jane and Neil Offord, who, together with Dr Sheila Cooke (also there with her husband Ian) wrote the My Story book for children which brought the founding members of DC Network (then DI Network) together.

The short film we showed truly captured the essence of DC Network and brought a tear to the eyes of most people in the room.  The link to this is below and it will appear on the DCN web site soon.  Although I have had pdfs of the booklets for a while, this was the first time I had seen them in print and it was thrilling.  In the A4, clean cut style of the first four Telling and Talking booklets, they have distinctive covers featuring illustrations rather than photographs and look like a pair…as indeed they were meant to.  They are now available to be bought singly or as a (discounted) bundle in pdf or printed form from DCN’s website

As I said last night, these booklets have been a long time in the making, it being 2009 when the idea of writing something about talking with friends and family was first enthusiastically welcomed by families and professionals alike.  The expectations are high.  I hope I have been able to go some way to meeting some of them.

Link to film:

password: DCN20

Telling and Talking with family and friends about donor conception: A Guide for Parents

Our Family: A guide for the relatives and friends of those contemplating donor conception, undergoing treatment or parenting young donor conceived children


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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6 Responses to New talking with family and friends booklets now available

  1. Kriss Fearon says:

    Congratulations! I hope you’re very proud of what DCN has achieved.

  2. oliviasview says:

    Thanks Kriss. I do feel very proud and very privileged to be part of DCN.

  3. Leslie Schreiber says:

    I’m located in the US and would like to purchase some of the books and DVD’s, especially the new Telling and Talking series for my clients. Also, would you have any books appropriate to double donor conception? What is the proper avenue to get shipments to US?

  4. oliviasview says:

    Hi Leslie, DCN sells all publications and the two films A Different Story and Telling and Talking to all countries of the world. Just order via the website and they will be sent to you in the US. DCN has a story book for children conceived by double or embryo donation into heterosexual couple families as part of the Our Story collection of books for young children. Very soon we hope to have on-line downloadable stories for children conceived by double or embryo donation into lesbian or single mother families in a variety of circumstances. Just keep watching the website or reading this blog. Thank you for your interest in our resources.

  5. Maddymoo says:

    As always amazing work!!! On behalf of just 1 DC family, thank you Olivia for all you have acheved 🙂

  6. oliviasview says:

    Thank you. That’s really sweet of you.

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