Known donors? NI? Think again

Thinking of using NI with a known donor or if you are a sperm donor having sex with your recipient?  Think again.  A ruling in the British courts has made a donor who met a married woman recipient through the internet liable for child support plus all of her husband’s costs and three quarters of her legal costs.

The donor and recipient had an affair but the donor lied about this, saying that he and the woman had only started having sex after a child was conceived.  This is apparently why costs were awarded against him.

Natalie Gamble writes about the case and the full judgement is given below.  See also Natalie’s website for excellent advice regarding the use of known donors.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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4 Responses to Known donors? NI? Think again

  1. Daisy says:

    I dont think it’s just donors who need to be careful as your link to baili website of court record talks about none consent, there’s references to this woman being raped and i wouldve thought that’ a big risk for women using websites.

  2. marilynn says:

    Olivia can you think of any reason why a minor would not deserve the full financial support of both people that created them? Isn’t it unfair treatment of minors that some would deserve the support of both parents while others only can have the support of one? I mean that is not to say that those who deserve the support of both will necessarily get it – Lord knows millions of people have been abandoned by either one or both parents throughout history either because they cannot be identified or can’t bee found or can’t be bothered. Heck sometimes they’re not even alive. But the entitlement is still there the right to something not received is maintained so that if that parent should be located they can bee held accountable or if they inherit a wad of cash it can be garnished in support of their neglected child. Also of course are inheritance rights if the parent passes that last a life time and don’t forget military and social benefits if they pass when their child is under 18. There is also the right to legal recognition of kinship within the absent parent’s family should they ever be located and that way the person will have the legal right to recognition of their kinship within the family.

    Why would we want a person not to have those rights based on how the parents feel? Based on the contracts they may have signed? Who cares what contracts they signed who cares if the parents had sex together? It seems awfully silly for a person’s rights to be dependent up whether or not their parents behave like responsible parents towards them.

  3. sperm donor says:

    married men should ask permission to their wives before giving a sperm donation …

  4. Catherine Duff says:

    Hi Olivia Thanks for al the amazing info. there is a new one on “Who is a Parent” I tried to save it and lost it. I give these print outs to lots of my clients.

    Catherine (kay ) duff IFCA Met you in Dublin

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