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It’s never too late to tell

There is no doubt that the very best time to start telling children about their beginning in life by donor conception is under the age of five. In this way the story is started well before a child has any … Continue reading

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World’s first national sperm bank launching in England

As trailed yesterday in my post about the award of a Department of Health grant to DC Network, here is the great news of the other successful bid in our sector. The National Gamete Donation Trust, led by the entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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DC Network recognised as a cause worth supporting

There were 400 applications to the Department of Health Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund back in October 2013. 400 organisations, all desperately hoping for some money to help them with important causes and projects deserving support. They should all … Continue reading

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Join DCN to promote development of resilience and identity

Two lovely DC Network (DCN) events over the weekend, both close to where I live in N. London as it happens. On Saturday, one of the hottest days of the year, there was a workshop for donor conceived children age … Continue reading

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Grandparents need support too

One of the many exciting things going on at DC Network at the moment is the organisation of the autumn conference which is focusing on the impact donor conception has on the wider family. It is very easy (well actually … Continue reading

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Non-traditional families are just fine for children

I have just been invited to a conference in London on 22nd July called Modern Families in Britain: Is the law keeping pace with medical and research advances? It is being run by the Association of Lawyers for Children who … Continue reading

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