DC Network recognised as a cause worth supporting

There were 400 applications to the Department of Health Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund back in October 2013. 400 organisations, all desperately hoping for some money to help them with important causes and projects deserving support. They should all get a medal for completing forms of Byzantine complexity full of bureaucratic non-sequiturs. The Trustees of DC Network completed theirs with hearts full of hope but also in the knowledge that in this age of austerity, few would find their long hours of endless form filling ending fruitfully. March was the due date to hear news. March passed, as did April and May and then out of the blue in the middle of June DCN learned that they had been successful, but with an embargo until a Ministerial announcement was made, and that happened yesterday. Thirty applications had been approved, only two in DCN’s particular sector. I will write about the other one tomorrow, for this brings wonderful news to those needing sperm donation in the UK, but for tonight here is the announcement made by Walter as Chair of DC Network, the organisation we are both so proud of.

DC Network recognised by Health Department and awarded grant!

We are really pleased and surprised to have been awarded a grant from the Department of Health to help the Network fulfil our aims of supporting the donor conception community. We have been on a financial knife-edge for some time, hence our appeals to members to become super supporters (following a letter from one of our members, Ginny). See Ginny’s letter here http://www.dcnetwork.org/ginnys-letter and information about becoming a DCN Super Supporter here http://www.dcnetwork.org/super-supporter-payment-plans This one year grant of £63k is not to plug our financial deficit, but to help us put in better office systems and to explore ways of becoming financially self-sufficient. So we will still need financial support from those members who can afford it.

In announcing the grants programme today, Minister for Care and Support Norman Lamb said: “These projects play a crucial role in supporting people, their families and carers. They are examples of just some of the excellent and innovative work going on throughout the country in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector – all of which help to create and support strong and resilient communities.”

This is great news for the Network in our 21st anniversary year. It’s a public recognition of the importance of the work we do.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations.

  2. Excellent news – well done you, for completing the form and for being recognised as an incredible organisation doing fabulous work!

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