August – a bit of a strange time

It’s been ten days since I last posted and some regular readers may have thought I was on holiday. I should have been. Walter went walking in France last week but I stayed in London to have some medical tests. Nothing to worry about but a structural defect that required investigation prior to a probable operation. I also had a virus that left me without my voice for five days. Not that you need a voice to go walking, but just as well to stay at home and rest it. It was a strange week, taking the tube up and down to the hospital for the tests but otherwise spending most of the time on my own. By the end of the week when I could speak normally again and the prodding and poking was behind me, I quite came to like it. Just me and the cat. But my man is back now and cooking me supper and that’s rather lovely too.

With several staff members on holiday, I was in charge of DC Network emails last week so that gave some structure and activity to my rather solitary days. I can access these remotely so no need to leave my home office. And it was fascinating to witness a phenomenon that first came to my notice many years ago. August brings large numbers of new members and these days a huge increase in book orders too. It seems that holiday or just slower-at-work times give people the space to think, research and act in a way that is not so possible at other times of year.

Now that the DCN office is fully operational again this week, my task is to help with plans for the national meeting in Leeds on October 18th. The theme running through the day is how donor conception impacts on other people – parents, grand-parents, brothers, sisters and close friends. On the morning panel will be three pairs of people – one a parent and the other a relative or friend who will talk about how they were told/found out about donor conception, what they felt then and how they feel now. In the afternoon members will take part in groups that explore further how they feel about and how they manage sharing information with others, something that seems to bring up much more complicated feelings than ‘telling’ children.

But before October I do have two holidays to look forward to. First, and most important, a visit to New York starting on Friday this week, to attend Zannah’s graduation from her Massage Therapies Associate Degree course at the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine and then to spend some time with friends in France. It’s my birthday in-between as well. I’m afraid postings may be a bit sporadic over this time but there is LOADS going on in the autumn and there will be a lot to talk about. Please be patient.


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