New story books for children in solo mum and lesbian families

For about four years now DC Network has been struggling with the conundrum of how to produce story books for the children of single women and lesbians who have used more than sperm donation to help create their children. The organisation has for some years published books for children in both these family types conceived simply with donor sperm – which remains the way most children in solo or lesbian mum families are created – but with an increasing number of women using double or embryo donation, the challenge was to make available appropriate story books when there was not sufficient demand to justify printing them in bulk.   On-line publishing seemed the obvious way forward but it is not a straightforward thing to do, particularly if different factors like conceiving abroad, having twins rather than a singleton or using a known donor are to be taken into account as well.  After a huge amount of trial and error, lots of frustration and endless tweaking of systems, the four basic books – which can be customised for a number of different scenarios – have gone live on the DCN website.

As it says on the website, when a woman has bought the basic book that is right for her situation, she will be emailed by the DCN office with a short series of questions to establish the customisation that is needed.  The replies will then be conveyed to the site linked to ePublishers who will then print the individual copy of the book that is sent to the customer.  It is early days and there may be glitches in the system to be ironed out, but DCN is rightly proud of this achievement.  Huge thanks for persistence in the face of endless problems go to Nicola B, a solo mum DCN member with publishing and design expertise and Nina, the DCN Director.

These new books are in addition to the printed books available to buy from the DCN website for heterosexual couples who have used sperm, egg or double/embryo donation and solo mums and lesbian families whose children are created with the help of a sperm donor.


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