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Apart from getting together with friends and family one of the most enjoyable things I did over the Christmas break was to read the latest version of Archie: Family Detective.  This is the book for 8 – 12 year olds that is being produced by DC Network, although it is written and illustrated by professionals.  Despite being a book for children I found myself being gripped by the story, laughing at the way Archie writes about the school ‘family detective project’ in his diary and marvelling at way all sorts of information about donor conception and the different family and donation types has been incorporated into what is fundamentally a cracking good story.  Can’t yet say when it will be available but definitely worth the wait.

‘Archie’ will be published as a conventional paperback but of course ebooks are a more accessible and potentially more affordable way of producing books for niche markets.  DC Network is now offering books that can be customised for over a 100 different personal circumstances that solo mums and lesbian couples may find themselves in when having children by donor conception.  These books are complicated to produce and feedback from those who have ordered the first ones are not universally complimentary, but many parents are delighted to have something that addresses their particular situation without the need for messy changes to the existing Our Story books.  I understand that improvements will be made over the coming months.

Petra Thorn, the psychologist and counsellor from Germany who has done so much for donor conception families in that country, has now produced on-line versions of her beautifully illustrated books for children in lesbian couples.  There are two versions, one for those who have used a clinic and the other for those who have inseminated at home. They are (separately) available in German and English and Petra will be bringing out further editions of the book for other family types soon.  They are available from -

And finally, I am much looking forward to the publication, in February I think, of the book Donor Conception for Life: Psychoanalytic perspectives on building a family with donor conception that I contributed a chapter to.  It is edited by psychotherapist Kate Fine who is a longstanding member of DC Network and is aimed at intending and actual parents of donor conceived children as well as those with a professional interest in the emotional and psychological aspects of assisted conception.  The title is perhaps a bit daunting but I think it will be a worthwhile and thought provoking read.

Happy reading.


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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  1. Tracey Sainsbury says:

    Hi Olivia
    Do you know why the Donor Conception for Life: Psychoanalytic perspectives on building a family with donor conception book is available in the US from Jan 30th but not until the end of Feb in the UK? Looking forward to a good read!

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