Sperm and Egg Donation Through the Years

Not unconnected to my previous post which is actively still being discussed, I would like to recommend the new book from the National Gamete Donation Trust called Donation Through the Years.  Here we find personal accounts of donors, donor conceived people and parents from the three eras of donation in the UK.  I found it a really fascinating read and much more interesting than their previous book Letters to My Donor which, for me, tended to be repetitive and overly sentimental.  We hear from donor conceived people who are comfortable and not so comfortable, although all are curious; from donors who are happy to be identifiable but do not consider themselves parents and from parents who are unanimously and universally grateful to their donor but expect to support their children in finding out about the person who helped in their conception in due course and are sharing the information they have in the meantime.  And at the end we have DCN Trustee Jane Ellis’s very sensible suggestion of continued contact between donor and parents via a middle-man agency, maintaining anonymity until the child turns 18, but enabling the mutual sharing of information and news.  As Jane says, this would remind parents that the donor is a real person, part of another family and with a real connection to their family and also remind donors of their contract to be identifiable.  Now that would be something worth fighting for.


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  1. marilynn says:

    Would you take up the fight for every person born to be separated from maternal and paternal relatives for 18 years communicating only through a state assigned confidential intermediary?

  2. gsmwc02 says:

    It will be interesting to see the perspectives of the donor conceived born in the UK after 2005 10 years from now. Similar to the adoption community and Open Adoptions I’m sure there will be new things we’ll learn as these children become adults. Hopefully all perspectives have a safe open space to speak their mind.

    • oliviasview says:

      It certainly will be interesting Greg. I’m just hoping I live long enough to see it all begin to happen (I’m not ill by the way but getting on a bit!)

  3. Petra Thorn says:

    Hi Olivia, do you know if this book is available as a PDF?

    thanks, Petra

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