New book for donor conceived 8 – 12s

There was a lovely event at Waterstones in Piccadilly central London last night: DC Network launched their wonderful story book for 8 – 12 year old donor conceived children called Archie Nolan: Family Detective.  It is set in Sheffield and the Peak District and will be launched at Waterstones in that city on Wednesday this week.  At long last we have a story book that supports and normalises older children’s thoughts and feelings about being donor conceived – but more than that it combines information about donor conception with a spooky detective story, making it a fun read for all boys and girls in this age group.   Copies can be bought here


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Co-founder and now Practice Consultant at Donor Conception Network. Mother to two donor conceived adults and a son conceived without help in my first marriage.
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  1. marilynn says:

    I know that part of the reason you are successful in getting people to tell early and often is by making them feel as if the child they’re raising won’t think of their absent biological parent as their parent or even as family. Honestly since the law does not compel disclosure on their birth records many people would never have been told were it not for your approach. It still saddened me to read one book review that said the main character of the book ultimately finds that he’s far more interested in looking for vampires than he is in finding his missing family. I know that this cute plot twist is a way to lighten an otherwise heavy topic so that people raising a donors child will feel it’s a topic they can tackle at all let alone early and often. It’s just unfortunate that books for children on this topic can’t be more candid and forthright than they typically are.

    I’m speaking in generalities because the book is not available on line to read but I did do my best to read a variety of reviews on it before commenting. All very complimentary reviews I might add so congratulations. I’m going to write a complaint to the guardian and request corrections to their review though because the author of that review made numerous errors of medical fact and he’s the health editor and the article is listed under infertility problems. He wrote the article to sound like infertile people conceive children with donated

  2. gsmwc02 says:

    This is great Olivia. I hope the parents out there take advantage of these resources to help their children better.

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