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Identity and the brain

I’ve long been interested in neuroscience so I was keen to see the programme on BBC 4 on Thursday night called The Brain: What Makes Me.  It featured American neuroscientist David Eagleman demonstrating how life shapes our brains, whilst at … Continue reading

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Being ‘different’: Feel the fear and do it anyway

Someone posted a blog on my Facebook page the other day from a mum to egg donation conceived twins about her ambivalence around ‘telling’ them about their beginnings.  It reminded me how very difficult most parents find starting the story…in … Continue reading

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Silence is Goldfish

My reading over the Christmas and New year period was eclectic.  First of all the bestseller The Girl on the Train which was a page-turner but ultimately as unsatisfying as a hurried slice of toast for breakfast.  Then there were … Continue reading

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