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Lessons from the past can help make a better future for donor conceived people

Well it looks like I’m going to be giving the talk on Long Term Outcomes for Donor Conceived People at the British Fertility Society conference after all.  In my blog post on November 8th I said that I had asked … Continue reading

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Searching for a biological father: looking for order in the chaos

I have just watched the Australian film Sperm Donors Anonymous.  It is about donor conceived adults wanting to understand more about themselves by finding their biological father and also about donors who want to make connections with the people they … Continue reading

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Do donor conceived adults feel differently about their identity once they have children of their own?

The question in the title of this piece is the one posed in research to be carried out this autumn by Rebecca Perna a counselling psychology doctoral student at the University of East London in the UK.  Her thesis is … Continue reading

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Is Fertility Friends really such a good friend?

I was chucked off a couple of years ago for being too blunt (the actual reason given was for advertising DC Network, but I had been a thorn in their side for years).  I never rubbished or attacked anyone personally … Continue reading

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Listen to the children…It’s DCN conference time again

It’s the DC Network London conference on Sunday.  My rather enviable job has been to organise the speakers in the main morning and afternoon sessions.  I say enviable  because this is the fun bit.  All the really hard work is … Continue reading

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Regulation for connection…US and UK style

I’ve just been dipping into Naomi Cahn’s book The New Kinship: Constructing Donor Conceived Families.  Naomi is a professor of law at George Washington Law School so she writes about the topic from an American perspective, but her propositions are … Continue reading

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On being wanted

Both our donor conceived children – now very grown-up adults – have said quite spontaneously from time to time how much it means to them to know that they were wanted.  They were, very much so, but we have never … Continue reading

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