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Searching for a biological father: looking for order in the chaos

I have just watched the Australian film Sperm Donors Anonymous.  It is about donor conceived adults wanting to understand more about themselves by finding their biological father and also about donors who want to make connections with the people they … Continue reading

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Listen to the children…It’s DCN conference time again

It’s the DC Network London conference on Sunday.  My rather enviable job has been to organise the speakers in the main morning and afternoon sessions.  I say enviable  because this is the fun bit.  All the really hard work is … Continue reading

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Donor, offspring or sibling linking, we all need our hand held sometimes

It was a busy catch-up week last week but at some point I scanned and then cut out an article in Guardian Society about care leavers being able to apply for access to personal information held in their records under … Continue reading

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‘Telling’ donors own children…plus more offspring views

Although I have stepped back from the front line of DC Network, one of the continuing great pleasures of my long association with the organisation is the contact I have with people overseas.  Recently Kate Bourne the author of the … Continue reading

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My obsession…and a lovely book for egg donation children

I get like this when I’m really into writing something.  It infiltrates everything I do, including my dreams, and I find myself sneaking away from TV programmes I would usually enjoy just to go and have another go at it. … Continue reading

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