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Blood, culture or life stories: How should we define kin?

Hot weather and compelling tennis have been keeping me away from the computer, but in the meantime I have been reading What Kinship is…And is Not by University of Chicago Emeritus Professor Marshall Sahlins.  It is a very short book … Continue reading

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So that’s what we are…reluctant pioneers, redefining kinship

For many years, those of us in DC Network who speak and write about donor conception matters have talked about the mixed feelings we parents have about needing to use donated eggs or sperm to create our families and the … Continue reading

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Relative Strangers: what grandparents think about donor conception

Friday found me in Manchester at the launch of research into information sharing about donor conception in heterosexual couple and lesbian families carried out by Carol Smart and Petra Nordqvist of the Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and … Continue reading

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