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Conception or upbringing: where does the distress of some DC adults come from?

There have been some long conversations going on following two of my previous posts.  Although they are enormously worth reading they are very difficult to follow because of the way WordPress randomly seems to offer the possibility, or not, of … Continue reading

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Donor, offspring or sibling linking, we all need our hand held sometimes

It was a busy catch-up week last week but at some point I scanned and then cut out an article in Guardian Society about care leavers being able to apply for access to personal information held in their records under … Continue reading

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The Archers are doing it again (apologies to overseas readers)

Ruth Archer is apparently pregnant.  She and David have three children, Pip, Josh and Ben, who at 12 is the youngest.  The Archers website tells us that Ruth was born in June 1968 which means that she will be 46 … Continue reading

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Donor Conception for Life: the joy of half-sib relationships

Had a wonderful technology free week walking along the levadas high above the sea in the Madeiran sunshine, but lovely to return to so many (mostly) respectful and informative comments and conversations on my previous couple of blogs.  Thank you … Continue reading

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Wise words from Wendy Kramer for donor conception parents

Walter and I are going walking in Madeira for a week from Friday so there won’t be a post from me next week.  But I am going to leave you with the thoughts of Donor Sibling Registry founder Wendy Kramer … Continue reading

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Need information about donor conception from the horses mouth…look no further

I went to see our lovely grand-daughter yesterday so didn’t have a chance to write about our wonderful weekend filming twelve donor conceived children and young people.  Throughout Saturday and Sunday parents arrived at our house in N.London bringing their … Continue reading

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