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Thoughts on going away…

I must be mad to be going away for two weeks on Sunday.  First, because the weather here is gorgeous and secondly because so much happens in the autumn.  Most other people have returned from their hols full of energy … Continue reading

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Parenting after infertility…more Precious Babies

Before I go on holiday I really want to give some more publicity to Kate Brian’s lovely new book Precious Babies: Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting after Infertility.  It’s not actually available until 6th October but I’m going to be away … Continue reading

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Love and grief

One of the messages that came across strongly, but in different ways, from speakers at the national meeting was the normality of feelings about infertility, sadness at not being able to make a baby with a loved partner or with … Continue reading

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Loving your kids…even when you don’t love your partner any more

I have had contact recently with three families by sperm donation where the parents have split or are splitting up.  Interestingly, it is the dads that I know best.  I don’t know if the fact of their infertility or need … Continue reading

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Joys and tribulations of national meetings

Crawling up the M1 on Friday afternoon with a total journey time of four and a half hours made me seriously wonder why Walter and I had agreed to come to the national meeting in Leeds.  We are supposed to … Continue reading

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More donors leaving the closet

Two great articles about sperm donors today in Murdoch papers (at least he’s good for something).  The Sun featured the wonderful Mark Jackson and two other men who have donated sperm and are proud of it.  Mark is a Trustee … Continue reading

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Filming and family

Well, Zannah has been round this afternoon to start filming our contribution to the on-line conference being held by the Polish fertility group in October.  I feel quite comfortable appearing in front of a camera but found that my usual … Continue reading

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