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All parents by DC need to hear/see this

A donor conceived adult who sometimes posts comments here has asked me to give some publicity to a song that has been written and is sung by Kevin Staudt, a DC adult from Germany who is searching for his donor. … Continue reading

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Real Men Are Sometimes Infertile

There has been a lot of publicity in the UK recently about the new national sperm bank only having nine active donors.  Let’s leave aside in this post the topic of whether nine donors is a triumph (given that extremely … Continue reading

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Do donor conceived adults feel differently about their identity once they have children of their own?

The question in the title of this piece is the one posed in research to be carried out this autumn by Rebecca Perna a counselling psychology doctoral student at the University of East London in the UK.  Her thesis is … Continue reading

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Belgian courage needed to end anonymity in donor conception

I have been back a week now from Belgium where I attended a conference called Donor Conception: An unfamiliar path to a normal family?  I am still unclear quite what to make of it.  The two days were put on … Continue reading

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